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    Page Loads slow. Can't find why.

    Hi I have page that uses sql and I am not sure why it loads slow.

    How can I find out why it takes a long time to load. What type of tools are availabe for finding the reason that it load slow. All the pages on the site load fast but one loads slow.

    Can some please let me know what I can do.

    here is a link to page that loads slow

    Thank You

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    loads plenty fast for me... took about two seconds...

    is the script sql intensive? ie, doing more than just grabbing the info? is there anything else resource hogging on the server? is it a shared server? it probably is, and its probably just the load on mysql thas slowing the db reads...

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    Took about 6 for me.. drew header portion and then sat. After several seconds it completed the page all at once.

    Since you are using SQL, you might consider looking at the select statement(s). I assume you have setup indexing on the appropriate fields.
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    Thank You for resonse. I just starte to take off code to see what the problem with the site.

    It seems that
    SELECT title,product.prd_id FROM product
    LEFT JOIN prd_related ON product.prd_id=prd_related.prd_id_1
    WHERE prd_related.prd_id=$itemID order by priority

    statement cause problem.

    How do I test how fast it takes for this query exceute.

    Thank You

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