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    dedicated server.. running out of options

    Ok.. well, I'm looking for a dedicated server, with at least:

    -400gb bandwidth (yes- i will be needing 400gb , cogent is ok)
    -all the usuals, 512mb ram, 40gb+ hd, 1ghz+ processor, etc.
    -around $100 monthly, and not really high setup fees

    -rackshack - sold out
    -nocster - Takes 1 week to setup a server? Plus only 300gb bandwidth.
    -fastservers - I heard are good, but only 300gb.
    -fdc - Heard alot of bad things about them, ddos attacks, slow network.. and such.
    [email protected] - high setup and upgrade fees, I also heard their datacenter closes at 9pm or something?
    -eservers - I heard are good, but -- servers are sold out till december??
    -united colo - heard bad things all around, with network downtime, and ddos attacks.
    -tranxactglobal - heard are good, but.. sold out.

    so.. can anyone help me out?

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    I believe you get more offers if you post this in advertising forum
    We value support and network performance.

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    tranxactglobal has actually just had a bunch of servers in. Just noticed on their site. Something like 10 P3 servers and 20 Durons. If you hurry you might still be lucky enough to get one...

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    We are leaving not because they are bad or anything like that but because we got our own rack and bandwidth elsewhere now and dont need the server.

    Its an excellent machine with no problems at all.

    You can contact them it should be ready in 20 days or so.

    Kind regards
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    Try (for a company off of WHT)

    You'll get your server fast, DDoS doesn't break sleep, throughput is fast and not saturated, noc is always open, bandwidth is premium.

    Contact the sales department for a better quote than what's listed on the page. They usually make some nice offers.
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    We don't take one week to set up most servers.
    There are times we run out of parts, or specials orders have to be placed...but 95% of our servers are set up within 12-36 hours.

    Sean R.
    System Administration

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