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    * ISP Censor, IP Blocking: Help Wanted

    First of all, sorry for not posting it in the appropriate forums...

    I live in a small african country (Mauritius) with a sole ISP. One of my good friends maintain a website ( which happens to be a fairly popular website down here (200 unique visitors per day). The site is hosted by

    For the last 2 days, the website has been unaccessible by LOCAL web surfers. Traceroute is possible but real surfing can't be done., the hoster, says that there is no problem on their side and that everything seems to be OK. People from country nearby in Africa or Reunion island say that they can surf on

    I suspect that the site's IP has been blocked (since itself is unaccessible). I'd like to have your opinion on it, whether this is possible and how, what are the techniques involved in doing this kind of banning and lastly, what can be done to bypass it. Thanx.

    edit (1) : I might be wrong and it is only a supposition that the ISP is blocking it (usual "legal" reference)
    edit (2) : might it be something dealing with IPtables
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    Is there a political reason why this site might be blocked by the national ISP? Since you're behind the scenes, you are aware that this site uses a redirecter, and that does not point directly to the thinkhost site, right? If you traceroute, you will go to, which is not at thinkhost. This site redirects to which is See if you can surf directly to See if you can traceroute to If you can, then try to directly telnet different ports on such as port 80, port 25, port 21. If you can get banners up on those ports, then they're not blocked.

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    Political reasons, no. Sometimes back, our ISP (which is a monopoly), blocked a site called visionear (made by one local person) because unofficially, it was having too much hits. FYI, the ISP has got the only portal of the island running (
    I have been able to traceroute Here is what I get

    Tracing route to []
    over a maximum of 30 hops:

    1 3101 ms 2563 ms 3711 ms
    2 3232 ms 2863 ms 2402 ms
    3 3691 ms 3194 ms 2470 ms []
    4 3172 ms 3282 ms 3518 ms []
    5 1199 ms 1099 ms 808 ms [193.
    6 1600 ms 900 ms 1048 ms [193.251
    7 1096 ms 608 ms 901 ms [193.251
    8 1041 ms 929 ms 507 ms [193.25
    9 350 ms 340 ms * []
    10 348 ms 340 ms 360 ms []
    11 420 ms 440 ms 431 ms []

    12 421 ms 439 ms 440 ms []

    13 430 ms 430 ms 429 ms []
    14 429 ms 430 ms 440 ms []
    15 440 ms 430 ms 438 ms [216.52.1
    16 * * * Request timed out.
    17 * * * Request timed out.
    18 * * * Request timed out.
    19 * * * Request timed out.

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    As for the telnet, it is still running. I typed in the command "o 80" without the inverted commas and it is still trying to connect to it, nearly 5 minutes after I have pressed enter.

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    Okay, something strange is up. When I looked up earlier, I got the IP (that is the redirector that points to Your traceroute shows that it is, and just looking it up now, I'm getting The TTL on the DNS for the name is 1800 seconds or 30 minutes. It appears to be changing frequently. I am also unable to traceroute all the way to So it appears to be the redirector site that is screwed up. It could be that people outside your region were holding on to the old DNS entry which might still work.

    Try putting in your browser. Web servers don't give banners, not having your connection time out or be refused means that you are connected to the web server there and it isn't blocked.

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