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    I just thought Id start a topic here where some people can say sorry to some hosts.
    I have seen loads and loads of posts with people blasting other people and then it turns out that there not all bad after all and there is an explaination.
    They topic that really made me start this is about Samuel Barr, who has been dissed a whole lot. When he started getting bad comments he relaunched his company with news names because people were been mean and he has admitted that he was wrong. And people are still blaming him even though hes getting it sorted! I feel sorry for him, because he's really trying to sort it out.
    Another host is EdgeHost, even I was pursuaded to post a comment when I had no experience with them.
    If you have blasted a host/person and they turned out not to be all bad - post here!

    Oh, please dont start cursing me for doing this!

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    What a nice bunch we are!

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    I am sorry for being mean to scammers after they pretend to clean up their act.
    If it was so easy to scam several people, and then change our name and pretend everything is all better now, we wouldn't need jail, now would we? Sure everyone in jail is either innocent, sorry, or reformed, (according to them) so lets just let them all out right now.
    What keeps the rest of us honest?
    - I like being honest. It means among other things, that I don't have to try to remember what lie I told and to whom. It also means I can sleep at night, park my car in a public place, use my real (or registered) name, and do business with strangers on the internet because there hasn't been one bad business dealing done by me, to anyone, anywhere.
    - The fact that even if I were dishonest at one time, I know that it would be a long and ugly uphill climb back into peoples good graces. (and I may be inclined to lie to get there )

    I don't think so. Apoligise to each person you have harmed, and pay them any moneys owed, plus some extra for intrest and agrivation, then you won't have to beg for some respect.
    I know ***** ripped off everybody else, but they wouldn't do it to me.
    "When you use bottom feed for bait, you are only going to catch bottom feeders."
    "You do what you are, and you are what you do."

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    Another host is EdgeHost, even I was pursuaded to post a comment when I had no experience with them.
    Who persuaded you to post bad things about edgehost? And where did you post them? I can't find anything.

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    Re: Sorry

    Originally posted by needer123
    Oh, please dont start cursing me for doing this!

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    I've only been visiting this board for quite a small amount of time and I can already count a hefty handful of people who seem to have a pattern:

    startup > scam > change name, claim 'new start' > scam > change name, claim 'new start' > etc

    The sooner these guys realise the way to make amends is to hold up your hands, admit you were wrong and pay your debts... not just starting up again. A change of name is no good without a change of attitude.

    // and yes I have been on the downside of a couple of the small scams but obviously not all of them. I'm not aiming this at the honest ones having a bad time (like I believe Edgehost are) but the ones that seem to think this industry is just an easy way to rob people!

    Edit: Sorry, that sounded a bit of a rant didn't it? Oh well better out than in, and there's my apology
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