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Thread: Server specs

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    Server specs

    Hi, Im quite new into this.
    So can anyone tell me, to start a webhosting company, with a average-powerful server,
    what should the specs be like?
    I hope that you people can include every specific details, like ethernet cards and so on.
    and what are the uses for each component.
    I hope you people can help me here.

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    You need a quad P4 Xeon with two 64bit 66MHz gigabit NICs (each on their own PCI bus) with 2 dozen 15k RPM Cheetahs on a Mylex controller on a ServerWorks based motherboard.

    Or you can go the cheap route and use the 486 sitting in my closet functioning as a router.

    Saying you want to start a business and not knowing much, if anything about servers, is not a good idea. You should already have experience building servers, installing OS's and things like that before you jump into to BIND setup and things like that.

    Second off the answer to your question greatly varies. How many servers does Google have? Well over 500, spread out in several datacenters around teh country and globe. And thats only one site. Now you want to host multiple sites? You will need a few thousand servers.

    And no reply in 9 hours doesnt mean you need to bump it either.

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