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    Cool Caged Tornado Users-Feedback please

    I have an account with Caged Tornado. I have been happy with their services. Things have been very quiet there and lately some responses to support tickets and general inquiries has been slow or non existant.

    Has anyone heard of anything...have I missed any news about them. I am asking because I am kinda getting the heebeegeebees and sure would appreciate a heads up from current caged tornado account holders if they know if caged tornado might be going through some sort of drastic change.

    I am not trying to start a rumor...mods if you feel this is is an inappropriate post some how please feel free to delete it.
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    Maybe they became uncaged?
    Sorry, I had to say that.
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    I haven't heard anything. Everything seems to be going fine for me. Last time I had to contact them was 2-3 months ago for a billing problem on my part and if I remember correctly the response time was pretty quick, _definitely_ within 24hrs (maybe only 2 or 3hrs, don't remember, its been a while). So as far as I know, everything is fine.

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