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    my new domain - what happened?

    Ok i bought a new domain on saturday

    and over the week end i have been doing whois lookups on it

    and today it appeared in the whois lookup as a registered domain

    well i gave them my server details when i signed up for the domain

    but when i looked at the dns details for the domain

    they had put their dns name as the primary server

    and none of the dns servers out of the two had ips entered???

    what could be causing this???

    should i email them


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    Do they offer a web interface to edit DNS info ... maybe you need to login and do that.
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    I think you should definitely email them and in the mean time peruse their FAQ's to re-enter the DNS yourself; that's probably all their support will tell you to do. Maybe you entered the DNS but the default to their servers was selected, just a guess but Iíve seen it happen.

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