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    Question high end servers???

    does anyone here use either's $199 2ghz p4 1000gb bandwidth or the $299 2ghz p4 3000gb bandwidth???

    if so what are your opinions...

    i'm in two minds as of now because I saw threads on here saying that they have become a good host as of late and in just a few days i see threads that they are scammers and not so good hosts.

    my use for the server would be mainly for large non-commercial sites (i.e. personal sites/friends sites that eat a lot of bandwidth and make some money through advertising) but i want to be comfortable to know putting some corporate sites on there as well (basic brochure-ware/minimal e-commerce stuff) is safe.

    Is this a good idea to go with them or not? I am arranging to have whatever server i sign up for managed so that side is not a big issue.

    i would appreciate any feedback information anyone can provide.



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    not very stable........

    BUT ok

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