I need someone to do some heavy-duty PHP coding and website intergration.

Considering the fact that the resources of my company are strained right now, it is easier for me to pay you with hosting than with cash. Therefore, all of you people that "will work for hosting" and are turned away everywhere else, you now have a place to go if you can do the work.

Ensim Web Appliace 3.1
Disk Space: 10GB
Data Transfer: 150GB
Max Domains: 100
Fully Managed: Yes

This is a Virtual Dedicated Server, running Ensim Reseller Edition.

PM me for more information. Include links to at least three past jobs that you have done and write a short (50 to 500 words) essay about why I should hire you. Please, try to sell yourselves. Tell me why you are better than the next web designer.

(Yes, the ability to follow directions will be considered here)


The nature of this work is confidential. Your projects will vary. You will be working on controversial websites. As a condition of your acceptance, you'll be required to sign and return a non-disclosure agreement. Breaking the non-disclosure agreement will result in... nevermind. You don't even wanna know.