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    Question Very simple SSL question

    First things first:
    Thank you "Web Hosting Talk". I've been searching for a decent Cobalt users forum for an age. It's just possible you could save my sanity!!

    I have a dedicated RaQ4 and the tech support team at the company I lease it from have been sending me round in circles over a very simple question, that I am sure I already know the answer to. So here goes....

    My (very dozy) Question:
    Is it, or is it not possible to set up SSL WITHOUT having to buy an externally signed certificate? All I want is SSL on a virtual site for testing purposes. It is my understanding that a self-signed certificate should allow me to do this, and an externally signed one from Verisign/Thawte etc is only really required for a live site.

    Am I going completely bonkers?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Yes you can no problem..

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    The only difference would be the SSL warning saying it's not a valid cert but it's fine for testing purposes. You could also get a free cert from !!

    Originally posted by dutchie
    Yes you can no problem..
    Pairone Networks Ltd
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    Thanks for the help guys. You've confirmed what I thought already.

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