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    Remarkable Hosting

    Hi guys,
    Is anyone out there using the Remarkable Hosting Hsphere reseller set-up? I currently run linux and win2000 on different machines, in different datacentres.

    The Hsphere set-up that they have would solve a major logistical problem for me by placing all sites at a common place. It would also allow me to loose a windows2000 dedicated that is in itself a headache.

    Remarkable seems like a good company.

    However, since all 3 of my providers are exceptionally good, I am hesitant to move unless Remarkable is a good company, with good uptime, and server speed.

    Any input would be appreciated.

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    I wish I could give the specific info you're requesting, but all I can say is that you are very lucky to have three providers that are 'exceptionally good'. I'd say, stick with them. I also have separate hosting companies for Windows and Unix sites, but would rather stick with the tried & true than gamble.

    In my experience, only 10 - 20% of hosting companies offering reseller accounts are any good. So the odds would be against you.

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    I do not have any experience with their H-SPhere plans but I have had a Webappliance VPS there and I should say that they are great! I have had more than 99.99% of uptime during last 6-7 months.

    I have been with more than 10 companies but remarkable has been the best among them. I will never move from remarkable if quality remains the same.

    Remarkablehosting is a place for doing serious web business.


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    Remarkable Hosting has got a review on recently i thhink as well . | mailto: [email protected] | ASP.NET-MS SQL-Cold Fusion hosting| Cheap domain registration | MSN : [email protected] |

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