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    Can someone look @ it (

    I'll appreciate any comment

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    Not bad ... the design looks pro and the domain name is cool ... "unpicked" domains ... LOL

    maybe you can cut down on the text links around the page ... seems to distract me a little
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    I don't much like the color scheme and maybe less text in those nav bar's? Maybe some nice small rollover buttons with nice rounded text would be better.

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    I believe the site is too cluttered and needs to be toned down.

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    scrolling status bar is annoying. doesn't look nice.
    the register and login button also not nice.
    the navigation buttons on the left side isn't nice too.
    i love the colors though. and the rest is fine

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    Your colors aren't working. Those colors could work together (like the miami dolphins) but right now it's a little harsh. The orange header bars are an eye sore. I was drawn straight to the middle (which is good) but "BAM" all these orange and red made it hard to focus. Just need to tone it down a little. Use the orange as an accent to compliment the greens/torquois.

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    thanks guys

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    Glad to help
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    Sorry, but the picture of that chick? Just plain goofy, the way her leg is all twisted like that! And the status bar makes me want to:
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    plain innocence..

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    Originally posted by mina_babe
    Sorry, but the picture of that chick? Just plain goofy, the way her leg is all twisted like that!
    Yeah, and she has big feet.

    Seriously, the pic does seem to serve no purpose, and placing it right where the viewer's eye most naturally goes first anyway means that more important content has to get less favorable placement.

    And speaking of pointless, I completely agree with mina_babe about the status bar! What purpose is served by changing the status bar text to show only your domain name, other than to degrade usability and irritate your users?

    One other thing, though it's not a design issue and so might not be the kind of feedback you're looking for: the text at the bottom of the "meta tag generator" page points out that many html editors that create meta tags add some that are unnecessary. Good point, but yours includes them too: generator, expires, distribution, etc.

    And the robots meta tag should allow the choice of more than one value. Some useful values, for example, would be "index, follow" or "index, nofollow" but your setup wouldn't allow a user to generate those tags.
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    this is a pro comment that i was searching for..

    thanks 2 all...

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    I've introduced some modifications (based on your observations).
    Then, I've put also a forum, but I don't know how to get people writting something. Any hints on that?

    Anyway, what are your opinions now?

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