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    Question UnitedColo - should I go with them?

    Hi all,
    My website just EXPLODED and outgrown our shared hosting provider.

    I desperately need a dedicated server with 400+GB of bandwidth as soon as possible, as my site is down right now.

    I headed over to and signed up for their pretty stunning $99 deal which had 500Gb of bandwidth on a sweet looking dedicated server. I signed on the dotted line, expecting to be up and running the same day.

    About 15 hours later, I get an email saying that my server won't be enabled until THURSDAY due to a backlog. That I can live with, but I looked around here to find out what I could about them and it seems most people think that they are crooks.

    Did I make the right choice or should I cancel my order and look somewhere else?

    I can afford about $100 a month at the moment for the server, hence the excitement about UnitedColo. Does anyone know of any similar deals elsewhere?

    Thanks for your help guys!
    Ken Barnes,

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    The only similar deals you are going to find is at RackShack. I have had a United Colo server for a month now. They have had many issues with viruses and DoS attacks. Many people say the bandwidth is not pure Internap. Yeah, they have had some problems, but sometimes that what you get in exchange for the low price. Just make sure you or someone else knows how to admin the box and I also recommend not hosting any paid clients on it for now. The server I have with them hosts my personal site and with that I'm not complaining much for the price I'm paying.
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    Funny that whenever Unitedcolo goes down, it's always the last "Internap" router that traceroutes crap out at, which coincidentally is the one with a UCG IP.

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    They appear to be down right now.

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    Is anyone keeping track of all these 5-minute down times? I'm sure by the end of the month they're going to add up to over their maximum allowed downtime of an hour.

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    So far the network is unusable!

    I ordered a server from them on a whim last week. Big mistake that was so far... Finally set it up yesterday after telling me that my server would be online Monday, Then on Monday I was told in 4-5 hours, but it didn't go online until the following day. Been in contact with techs... I can't even keep SSH up without disconnecting me.

    Support is somewhat responsive though. First I was told that they will see what they can do about the high latency. Then I was told it might be me. Later on today I plan on running a few tests from my other servers to see if this is true.

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    It's been perfect for a week now, for us anyway. Some of the best speeds obtainable from Australia.

    traceroute to (, 30 hops max, 40 byte packets
    1 ( 0.492 ms 0.393 ms 0.471 ms
    2 ( 0.369 ms 0.262 ms 0.277 ms
    3 ( 0.537 ms 0.603 ms 0.605 ms
    4 ( 3.913 ms 3.902 ms 3.898 ms
    5 ( 4.014 ms 4.002 ms 4.05 ms
    6 ( 4.02 ms 3.949 ms 4.203 ms
    7 ( 191.308 ms 191.579 ms 191.111 ms
    8 ( 174.539 ms 174.54 ms 174.566 ms
    9 ( 174.628 ms 174.577 ms 174.482 ms
    10 ( 175.874 ms 175.612 ms 175.594 ms
    11 ( 175.523 ms 176.078 ms 175.633 ms
    12 ( 176.731 ms 175.947 ms 176.087 ms

    The week before was shaky, and yes they will honour their uptime guarantee. 20% of $99 is not worth worrying about, but we took them to task on it to see, and they have made the adjustment.


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    I have heard bad things about them here.

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