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    FTP message

    Hi guys,

    I am reselling off another host and when I FTP (cute FTP) into my account, it says the name of the host in the intro. I have asked if he can change this so it is just a general message as I have seen it on other hosts servers. He says it cant be done but I know for a fact the POWWEB has done this so it is possible. Does anybody know what I mean and how to change it?

    At least so we can change it to display the nameservers instead of the hosts website address.

    Best regards.

    Radu Muntean

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    Unless your control panel has an option for it, I think you're out of luck. Also, your host is lying to you, though possibly through ignorance. Either way (ignorance or intention) you should probably look for a new host. Oh, and be sure to ask your new host questions like that before you buy next time - a mistake like this is fine as long as you learn from it Too bad your host probably won't

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    Do you know how to do it so I can tell my host. I'm sure he would be happy to do it as it wont affect him at all. The control panel is the latest plesk. If anybody knows, I would realy appreciate it because it looks bad showing my hosts name when my clients log in to their accounts. The can then see who I am reselling from and I dont want this.

    Once again guys, thanks heaps.


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    Sorry, I don't even know what FTP daemon Plesk uses. Anything I tell you might break the panel.

    But, like I said before, if your host can't even figure that out then you shouldn't use them! And, again like I said before, if they're lying and actually do know how, but don't want to change it, that's no better.
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    STATUS:> Socket connected. Waiting for welcome message...
    220 ProFTPD 1.2.5 Server (ProFTPD) []
    STATUS:> Connected. Authenticating...
    COMMAND:> USER anonymous
    331 Password required for anonymous.
    COMMAND:> PASS ********

    This is what I mean if it helps anybody

    So obviously they are using PROFTP 1.2.5. Does anybody know what can be done??

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    try and let us know if you can :-)


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    ProFTPD uses Apache-style configuration directives. Within each <VirtualHost> block, a ServerName directive can be set:

            ServerName "Your Server Name"
    Of course, typically with name-based hosting the is just an alias for the main FTP server in which case the ServerName can't be changed for each domain.

    However, if you have been allocated your own IPs, each IP can have its own VirtualHost block.

    Hope this helps.
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    This worked on my home system....

    In proftpd.conf put a line...

    ServerIdent on "Whatever you want displayed"



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    I agree with cortices...

    only IP based domains can have their own entries in proftpd.conf and so can add what ever you wish to display

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    I think the host has a duty to change it, at least manually. I get the feeling that its one of two things:

    1. He dont know jack about about the OS and dosent know how to change it

    2. He wants to show the domain of his host hopeing that people may not want to be hosted by resellers and thinking they may signup with that company.

    Since it is reselling, he should do everything he can to keep it anonymous.
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    Since it is reselling, he should do everything he can to keep it anonymous. [/B]
    Absolutely. (My one "me too" post this year)
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    Thanks guys, My host has now decided to change it for me.

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