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    Looking for someone to install a php script...

    I'm looking for someone to install a script called cms-bridge. This script is a bridge that will allow postnuke and phpbb to work together using the same user registration along with other stuff. The script can be found here:

    I need this to be fully functional so that means that you will have to install postnuke then the bridge and then phpbb. Postnuke and phpbb can both be installed in minutes because they both use installation scripts while the bridge does not. If you are going to charge me extra to install postnuke i will install it myself but i would prefer if you did all three together. In order to know if the bridge works, you will have to install phpbb. Anyways, i dont have too much money to offer but if you're looking for a new challenge or need a little money on the side, you can try this out. Just post how you'll charge to install this and i'll get back to you, thanks.

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    $500, can install all of them.

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    500 seems more than a bit extreme. My control panel can install postnuke and phpbb. Even if it didnt, any person would be able to install either of those scripts in a couple minutes as long as they know how to click install and type in a couple things like where the db is. It wouldnt take me more than a couple minutes to install both of them. Now setting everything up after its installed takes a bit more time but i dont need that. The only thing that will actually take anytime to install will be the cms-bridge because it doesnt offer an install script. Anyways, if anyone else out there thinks they can do this for a lot less than 500, let me know, thanks.

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    How quick do you need this done?

    What is your budget for having it installed for you?

    Waiting to hear from you. : )

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    If you post what Shoney requested, i may be able to help you out


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    I haven't done a cms bridge, but have done many mods to phpBB, and others.
    Whats your site about?
    If it isn't a hosting site, I might do it for a link.
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    hey guys, i dont need it done right away (not in a couple days or anything) but hopefully it wont take more than a week or two at the most. Well, i've gotten quite a few offers and some are better than others so im going to contact them and see if they will be able to do it. If not, ill be sure to pm the rest of you guys. I'm also going to need someone to do some basic appearance modifications to osc. I'll be installing it and probably adding some contributions to it, but i would like the design changed a little. If someone can do both of these for a good price, it would probably be easier than for me to hire two ppl.

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    Got you covered on both aspects of the task at hand.

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