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    * help with exim-3.36


    I've just compiled EXIM-3.36 MTA on my local linux box and now I'm trying to setup mail accounts with SMTP auth and structure of folders like on Cpanel servers, but there is some problem[s] with SMTP Auth and not only. I have the same structure of files and directories for EXIM as it is on any Cpanel server and EXIM's config files are almost the same, but modified for my needs (PATHs changed), but SMTP Auth won't work, and here what it says in exim's reject logfile:

    2002-10-22 02:17:50 refused relay (host) to <[email protected]> from <[email protected]> [] U=1000

    So here what it is, I have the domain "" for exim and there is user "[email protected]", I'm try to send mail via this account using it as SMTP server with made login and password, take a look at attached file, there is EXIM's log in debug mode. I don't know where to look at, I spent 15 hours on it without any results. Any help will be hihgly aprecciated.
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