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    Does anyone know anything about them, for some reason I can't bring anything up on a search..

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    I dont really know the quality of the hosting they provide, but it does seem they are quite a new company, looking at when the domain was registered and the amount of activity in there forums.

    It maybe also worth you looking at if you are looking for hosting in the UK.


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    i use them

    i got this account from them
    500MB Webspace, Ensim Control Panel, 5GB Bandwith, 100 Mysql Databases, 500 POP3/IMAP Accounts, SSH Telnet Access, 100 User Accounts just $30 per year,

    one of his first deals, so far everything been ok except i havent got the full 1oo data bases as descibe above, but im sure he will add them as i need them. the downtime hasnt really been any so far. all in all not a bad host for the buck. support wise not as quick replying back to e-mails as a person would like,but are we ever happy????

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