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    Question Cogent alternatives? Internap? Global X? etc..

    Who is selling at near Cogent prices but has better peering? Can anyone post some prices and commitment levels for other Tier 1 providers?

    Willams, Internap, Level 3, Verio, Global X, etc..?


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    No providor that I know of compares with Cogent (in terms of cost).
    Matt De Leon
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    at one point Global X was selling 100/mbps for $5,000 so there are ISP's that are willing to seel that low.

    I can get Verio for $75/Mbps with a 100/Mbps commit.

    Anyone else know of some deals to be had?

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    Cogent bandwidth as bad as people say ?

    Right now we have bandwidth from many many differnet providers, but I have been quite enthusiastic to say "Let's go to Cogent almost exclusively therefore our most expensive resource (bandwidth) will be cheaper).

    Now my question is, how good would a network be if it's only Uplink would be Cogent? Considering the Cogent line stayed up since it is Fast / Gig Ethernet which is fairy reliable.

    Thanks in advance.
    Walter Landman
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