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    GeoCities type sites

    About a year back there was a debate in this forum about advertising and hosting.

    Someone cannot remember who said that before he started in web hosting he ran a free site with ads on top like Geocities. It was an interesting topic and want to know how many of you did/do that and how does advertising work in that type of enviroment.

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    I did it. It use to be easy. So much money floating around, getting a 1 dollar cpm was easy. Then it all went down hill, you were lucky to get 10cents cpm. The main problem with free hosting, assuming you can take care of all the warez and what not, is getting targeted advertising. Even if you do, you still wont make a whole lot. The only way I view free hosting as working, is if you can get people to upgrade to paid accounts, thats hard, but not impossible.
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    There are not a lot of reputable advertising companies that will touch that now with all the illegal and adult content that people feel they need to add to their sites to make it popular. The ad company does random checks on site that you are hosting and poof! You are gone!
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