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    Looking for Low-Cost internet "Gateway" provider ONLY

    I already have a Credit Card merchant account for my store-front business. I can use this account for my online merchant account also....

    BUT I need a "gateway" provider.

    I understand what they mean, but not completely...I seem to only be finding providers online who want to offer a merchant account and everything all together.

    The company that seem to be offering the service I need, are wanting setup fees in the range of 200.00 and up, and (what I consider to be) astronomical monthly fees.

    Can anyone suggest a company or solution to what I'm looking for.


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    I use They have a small set up fee (when I signed up they were running a special for $59, but they usually are $99), then it's $19.95/month. I have only been with them a few months, but they seem okay so far.


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    You most likely use Cardservice/Merchant Services for your brick and mortar store, they offer a gateway service called Linkpoint. You should contact your Cardservice agent for more info.

    A gateway is a secure server that will take customer info and validate their credit card info in realtime and transmit that back to your server.

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