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    I'll sell UNIX accounts (IRC related) to a chosen few

    I'll soon have a private server on an IRC friendly network available for IRC related activity, and I'd like to sell accounts to a chosen few.

    By a chosen few I mean serious and adult (mentally) users. I will screen the potential users with care to make sure that abusive users are absent. This means that you will have to let me get to know you better before I will sell you anything at all. I'm convinced that this is something that everyone will benefit from.

    I will create one UNIX account for every background process you choose to purchase, and you will be entitled to one (1) connection to IRC per background process. With each account you will recieve

    * 40 megabytes of storage
    * 500 megabytes of bandwidth per month
    * Access to crontab
    * One email address
    * A website (
    * Several non-offensive virtual hosts to choose from

    My prices per month are (per background process):

    1 - 8 USD
    2 - 12 USD
    3 - 16 USD
    4 - 20 USD

    I only accept PayPal.

    "Why should I choose you?"

    There are several reasons. Allow me to mention some.

    * I will never oversell and I will keep my clientele smaller than what the system easily can handle. You can rest assured that the system will run smoothly at all times.

    * Since I have chosen to get to know my potential clients a little better before I accept them as clients, and since I'm not a traditional public provider, problems with abuse is minimized.

    * I am reliable and bona fide. Get to know me and you will be sure of that.

    Feel free to PM me if you're interested or if you have any questions.

    Have a nice day!
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    No response (oh, my). This is probably not the best forum to promote this kind of offer.
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