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    Quality website design only for $31

    Hi Guys,

    site is in the test mode.

    I need some $$ to advertize it. So if some one interested to buy website templates for $31 go to website add templates that you like into basket and click checkout or click on "buy now" button if you want to buy only that one template.
    Template packet will be sent in your mailbox after we receive email that you paid. Tamplate package include: PSD file, HTML page and optimized images.

    Have a nice Day!

    Valera - templates starting only from $25

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    too bad u have to sell them manytimes. - Marketing with Passion
    Tamer o'kail - Creative Director

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    Nice site. Here are a couple of tips for you.
    1) Instead of the "Car selling" catagory "Auto Sales" would be better. This would include all auto related sites, like auto parts, or even Trucks and SUV's.
    2) Put a limit fo how many times you will sell a template, like 3 to 5 times, then tell people if they want the template to not be sold again after they purchase it, it will cost them 3 (to 5) times the price. Then they will have the option of a unique design that won't be sold to anyone else. (I've not yet seen a site do this)

    Good Luck,
    I know ***** ripped off everybody else, but they wouldn't do it to me.
    "When you use bottom feed for bait, you are only going to catch bottom feeders."
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    it is very unprofessional to have pop up ads on a site like this. and thank you for getting rid of the gay porn on your site

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    I think your designs are great. The price is definitely right thats for sure!

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