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    does anyone know anything about ""

    I'm looking around for a reseller package, and theirs looks decent (includes all the basics that I would want).

    BUT I am a little concerned because the low end of their prices are TOO low, and I dont want to start off a professional hosting business reselling off of an unstable host.

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    Nayeem Syed Muhammad
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    Hmm... too green for me. Also, the Domain will expire in less than a year... God only knows if bigsitehosting will be online after that.

    My vote is "keep looking", but that's just me.
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    ive e-mail them a couple of times requesring pre-buyers question, never did get a responce

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    I think your mistaken about bigsiteofhosting. I have been with them for several months now, and the server has only been down once. You can't expect everything to be perfect. Every host I have been with in the past, had a problem once in a while. Take it easy on Nayeem. He does his best with support. If anything, I think they have been by far the easiest to work with. So don't base your decisions on this guys post.

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    Too good to be tru? Avoid. Read the list around this board and be wise.... It is like that old PI who had the "little voice"... you are hearing that voice... that is why you wrote your ?.

    I put in a request for people to give me a location of a place I can find reliable, affordable webhosting... I'm tired of moving every 6 to 12 months.

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