Was going to purchase this yahoo/dmoz/looksmart script:


I need it to be customized as follows:

1. Every day I should get a total list of the days expired domains outputted to a webpage. Straight text. Preferably stored in a db but could be written to a text file on server.

2. Next, have the script take that days db or list and check each domain name 1 by one against yahoo, dmoz and looksmart. If it is found in any...display in an webpage with 3 columns and either a yes or no if it is listed or not. If there is a yes...display a hyperlink to my domain registrar. Also woudl be nice if there is a yes anywhere...to run a search against marketleap to show link popularity.The last part is extra depending on cost.

3.a very basic login/password system with 2 separate access points..one for super members and one for regular members.

I think you have this developed yourself so can you sell all this cheap to me?

Thanks Kevin
[email protected]