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    Question OT - Image uploading help needed - PLEASE

    Hi all.

    This is an off-topic question that I hope someone will help me with as I am getting desperate - so here goes.

    I currently have a phpBB forum for my site but am unable to allow users the ability to upload files from their computer for inclusion on tha actual forums.

    I need a uploader program that allows users to upload their images direct from their hard-drive into a dedicated folder in my servers webspace. I have located a good page of scripts for 'Uploader Programs' but I haven't a clue how to install and set up the things as I don't have a clue as to how cgi-bin works (which is needed apparently).

    If anyone could set me up a file uploader (I know I may have to give out my webhosting package details to access Cpanel), I would be the happiest guy in the world.

    Here is the list of scripts which I have located and if anyone can seriously set the thing up I would be very grateful even though it is a HUGE ask:-

    Cheers - DAV.

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    First, ask your host if php uploading is enabled, as some have it disabled.
    This will narrow down the scripts you may use.
    - nevermind, I see you want a perl one already.
    The one I modified for our site's use doesn't show the person where it is uploaded to, so I would have to check on some different ones.
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    phpBB has an attachment mod and it works so well, why don't you try them? You may find it in your contrib folder or download it from
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