Looking for some freelance work to supplement my current income. I am willing to do small projects such as basic HTML changes, small JavaScripts, and simple Perl scripts to larger projects such as site wide design changes and more advanced Perl systems. Just contact me with the project and budget and if I can't do it or don't have the time, I won't waste your time, I'll tell you no.

You are likely to get a very fair price as I could use the extra pocket cash! I would like to be paid via PayPal. Depending on the project, I may require half of the agreed upon price up front. Unless specifically negotiated, I retain all copyright and resale rights to anything I create, you retain the right to use it as is in association with one site.

Questions are welcome via PM or board.


Over the past 3 years I have developed multiple sites of my own including:


These sites are not great design wonders, but do utilize plenty of back end scripting, data emailing, data storage, file manipulation, and user management.

These sites have mainly utilized my HTML, JavaScript, Perl, and Script Installation skills. Sites are being converted to CSS (cascading style sheets). PHP and ASP has been used for certain things, but currently not used on any of my sites.

While I don't claim to be an expert, I do have a multitude of good and bad experiences with design and development. Those experiences have helped me refine my skills to increase my quality and efficiency as a programmer.

- General list of experience and skills -


-- Basic CSS design
-- Page design
-- Site design
-- Navigation design

- JavaScript

-- Form manipulation
-- Data validation
-- Dynamic page manipulation

- Perl

-- Database management using flat files
-- File manipulation
-- Data validation
-- Form processing
-- Data sent via email
-- Advanced back end systems
-- User management
-- Script Installation


-- Sending email via CDonts
-- Sending email via ASPMail
-- Basic data validation
-- Basic page output


-- Basic page output
-- Basic data validation