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    Thumbs down PSoft, H-SPhere don't even waste your time.

    It is now 4:20pm on 10-21-2002.

    PSoft has yet to install my software, much less even return an e-mail.

    I sent my first e-mail about needing an installation on 10-14.

    I understand everyone can have a bad day, but this is rediculous.

    If they don't have the personel to sell their product then how are they going to support their product.

    So anyone got any suggestions on another control panel?

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    i had psoft install mine about 2 weeks ago and it took them 1 day to get it going after i ordered it and they have had great support on any problems i have had...

    I was using plesk and i have to say that h-sphere is a lot better than plesk.. and with h-sphere you get automation built in on plesk you have to buy it seperate that made it double the price of h-sphere and had less it didnt have near as many other features as h-sphere

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    Well its definitely the most bizarre thing I've ever encountered.
    Their architecture seems the most logical to me and I like the fact that it is a comprehensive package.

    But to this minute they have yet to install, the servers are still sitting there in the same condition they were when I asked for the install....clean installs with RedHat 7.3 on each one.

    The Domain is FurmanTech.Net......

    They have the configurations of my servers, they could do the install right now, tonight, tomorrow morning....even just acknowledge that they are going to install the software. But Noooooooooo.

    So everyone should be aware of my story. Buyer beware. If they don't even have the tack to come on this board and try and make this right...then that says wonders for them.

    donald, quite frankly I'm envious......I wish I could say that I even had a chance to use the software, much less even receive a phone call or an e-mail telling me...Hey Mr. Furman we're ready to install your software.

    You know I had a dumbass vendor that wouldn't sell me games 10 years ago when I was getting tin the gaming business. I had to travel 2 states to buy my first pool tables. Well that dumbass hated every dollar of the million I spent with his competitiors.

    Thanks all, sorry if I'm mad as hell but I've only spent quite alot of time researching and learning their software in anticipation of using it....precious time wasted I'm afraid.

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    That is indeed uncharacteristic of psoft (they are usually extremely responsive).

    Just a couple suggestions: Have you checked to make sure you have email the right address? Have you tried contacting your reseller? Have you try contacting psoft's username on either or Psoft's forum?

    These are the things I would try before making a complaining post.


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    Peter my reseller is pulling his hair out too.

    I'd buy directly from PSoft.

    Peter I've been self employed all my life, I've never seen anything like it. I'm not some young buck run amuck.

    When I first contacted them they responded very quickly. All I asked for was an ETA on the install because I had to bring live servers down.

    All I got was a ," We don't install on live servers response."

    Heck that is why I asked for a general ETA.

    I haven't been able to post on their private forum.

    Besides the reseller has contacted them too. He said last week they were behind because of the patch and would be working on it this weekned for me. Then even today they haven't begun.

    I sent them two e-mails today. I have an extremely hard time understanding their english, I don't speak Russian. So I haven't called them again....what is the point?

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    Peter I've tried the sales, support and install e-mail addresses.

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    The reseller is now telling me that my e-mail is being bounced back. Why are all my clients and contractors able to send me e-mail.

    Why in the heck didn't they pick up the phone and call me. My contact information is at the bottom of every page of every e-mail.

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    Email from PSoft that is....the reseller said it was happening to him but he had the common sense to pickup the phone and tell me.

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    Have you made an agreement before installation with psoft? Have you paid them anything yet? Are you looking for a free installation and intend to pay them later?

    You first said "I've .... spent quite alot of time researching and learning their software in anticipation of using it" and then "I wish I could say that I even had a chance to use the software" which ain't make sense.

    Am I smelling rat here or what?

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    I have given the CC info to the reseller.

    I the time I spent was via the online demo and documentation.

    Email PSoft and ask them to respond to this thread.....

    I have all the e-mails :-)

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    Sad thing is I just e-mailed them again trying to get them to install teh software...because I can't find an equivalent.

    And yes this time I'm e-mailing them from hotmail. Should I e-mail them from Yahoo as well?

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    Hope you arent expecting them to come here and reply, that is asking a little much I think.

    Unprofessional though.. a response would be nice. I would prefer to give them the benefit of the doubt for now, please post again and let us know what ended up happening there.

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    Hey PSoft is installing my software

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