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    Feedback Wanted on Several Hosting Companies

    I am in the process of moving my domain. I have posted on Web Hosting Requests and have had quite a few offers from several folks who have wonderful offers and have been very nice in answering my questions. One last thing I would like to do is find out if anyone has comments about each of these companies to help me make a final decision.

    I have one I am swaying towards and wont mention names. He knows who he is but have looked at the benefits on their sites and their offers which some offer more for less, some less for more, some fantastic yearly pricing....

    You can view my post on requests if you would like to see what I am looking for but my biggest thing is dependable service with good uptime and good support, as well as features.

    Here is the list of companies that have offered hosting. Any comments would be appreciated.

    Smidwap Solutions
    Intense Web Hosting

    Any feedback on time, customer service, tech support, other would be greatly appreciated on helping me make a decision. Thanks in advance.

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    Feel free to use the search function to locate all past threads mentioning those companies - that's your best resource.

    But really, if you feel yourself moving towards a particular host, then go for it.

    At the end of the day, a cost-benefit analysis must realise that getting more of something elsewhere of one thing can inadvertently mean less of second thing at the same place. For example, cheaper prices but less support, or higher prices and better uptime.

    If your intuition focusses on going to a certain place, then go with the flow. Don't let material distractions seduce you into non-intuitive paths.

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    I have personal experiences with both and smidwap, and they are both very good hosts. I have posted my experiences with a few times before, and I believe there was also a positive review on smidwap. You should search the forum archive for those.


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    Ah what a great day this!

    Thanks a lot for the feedback Peter.

    Apollonia, on an objective note,

    Eric of NetworksData is a great friend of mine and a wonderful host.

    I would also recommend Pilgrim's

    I have no experience with the others

    Offering Managed Servers - for an exclusive clientèle who value uptime, caring support and superior technology.

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