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    What penalty do you impose for late payments?

    How much of a weight do you put on late fees? Plans can be from 5.00 to 499.00(dedicated), how do you calculate your late fee. Do you give a across the board fee like 5 dollars or do it by a percentage? Feedback is appreciated.
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    I havent had to _yet_ but I've set it in stone that it will be 10% of their monthly payment, bigger the debt, bigger the fee.. Thats how it should be, because we all know that most hosting companies cannot afford to let payments slide.
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    Ours is:

    $5 or 5%, whichever is greater - and this is rarely enforced unless someone is paying late each and every month, then we will start assessing the fee.

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    Maybe you should put all your accounts on automatic recurring payment. That saves you alot of work and headaches.

    But I guess for very big clients, it's ok to accept checks - but they are less likely to default also.
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