Going from something I got inspired from at vBulletin.com, I am going to go ahead and run something here to give those hosts that deserve recognition their recognition. This will be a type of trial run with this, seeing if those goes through ok. Hopefully my head won't be rammed down my throat for this. *cough*

1. You may *NOT* nominate your own company as that will not go along with WHT rules.
2. If you win the contest once, you may not be renominated for another year, regardless of who nominated your company.
3. If someone nominates your company, that person may not nominate it again until a 1 month passing. If someone nominates it for November, they cannot nominate again until January.
4. No fighting in this thread. If you believe there is any cheating, etc... going on, please PM me. Let's not get this thread removed for childish arguing.
5. Nominations will go on for 5 days, starting at 3:00 PM EST on October 21 and ending October 26, at 3:00 PM EST.
6. In order for a nominated board to be placed on the tally, it has to be seconded. So basically, if a board is nominated, a second person must second the site so that 2 people have voted for it's nomination.
7. When the deadline is over, all seconded companies will be placed in a hat and from here is the luck of the draw. The first 5 companies to be picked will be placed in the tally. The tally will be put up on November 1 and will end November 30.
8. Please only nominate one board and second one board.

I will not nominate or second any boards but I will vote.