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    Just wanted to post some GOOD info on here for a change. I have been with VDI since the begining of the year. I got in on a great special they was running at the time and have had hardly any problems.

    When I do have a question I can email support and I get a reply within a few hours. I had a question about the server because I was getting the emails telling me that Apache had reached the MaxClients limit. Well support told me I should be fine since cpanel raised the limit.

    Well it raised it a few more times over night so I emailed support to ask for suggestion and to ask how high it can go before I needed another server because I had a few more sites I wanted to roll out soon that would be pulling in alot of traffic. Well support emailed back he would have another person take a look and email me back. Well this guy set my max to 256 and emailed me that it should now be fine.

    Well that night I got another email saying I had reached the max and cpanel couldnt raise it because I was at 256. I emailed support again and he told me he thought it was a problem with cpanel but wasnt sure so he disabled the max connection warning. He said he had been keeping an eye on the server and hadnt noticed any problems.

    Also when I need rebots the server is usually rebooted within minuted of sending a page or email to them. I just wish to thank VDI for the great support. Keep up the good work Bill! Its great to know if I scew up or have a problem I can get an answer and sometimes a fix within a hour.

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    Great Service

    Same here...I'm a newbie but these guys at Interserver/VDI
    have been great ... answering tickets fast and even have good phone support....

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