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    SALES REP NEEDED! Advanced Flash and 2d/3d artist!

    Hello all,

    We are in need of 7 new sales reps. Your hours would be 100% flexible, no minimum required. However, we do have projected targets we would like you to meet, and if you do so, you will earn extra spiff's. Good commission, will be worth your while!

    We are also in need of a graphic artist who is proficient in Photoshop, illustrator, and a strong background in his/her 3d application of choice. Candidate is best to have skills in Macromedia Flash as well. Pay would be commission based per project. Please have your portfolio/examples ready when you inquire. Candidate is expected to have all of his/her tools (software/hardware) to perform the necessary task.

    Comission is as follows:
    50% of first month package rate up front, then 10% recurring!!!
    once you have 10 accounts your recurring moves up to 15%
    25 accounts your recurring is 20%
    50+ accounts your recurring is 25%

    Currently we have a 100% satisfaction rating based on our customer polling, so they will be with us for a very long time!

    Contact me for more details

    [email protected]
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    advanced? lol, if you say so. and you might have an easier time selling hosting if you your site didn't load so damn slow on a cable modem. seriously, your servers must suck ass because it felt like i was on 56k.

    why dont you just make an affiliate program and let people link from their site?

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    woah, that's not very nice... You might want to work on your communication skills. FYI, our servers are all Pentium 4's or better, with 1 gig of ram or better, and 100Mbit direct to 8 different backbone routes. If our site was slow to you, it must have been something on your cable modem. Our average ping on our CS servers we run are around 40 with 18 people per cs server...

    Advanced meaning not just making a flash site, but also being able to integrate backend databases, etc... Those interested in the jobs we are offering have contacted us for more information.

    If you are not interested and/or don't have anything constructive/positive to say please don't say it at all.

    Thank you...

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    web artist position filled... have only 3 sales rep positions left.

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