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    * problems transfering a sql database - pls help!


    i'm in the process of moving my phpnuke website to a new provider.

    I made a Dump of the database using phpmyadmin, and now I'm trying to upload to the new host.

    The file is 3MB in size. I give the location of the txt file, and click go.

    a few minutes later, the program says it's been succesful in uploading. But no tables/data have been created.. it's still empty!!!

    Please help... what could be wrong here..??


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    What did you do to restore your DB? You can't use phpMyAdmin for file over 2Mb, you have to split your file into small parts and restore them.
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    ah.. i was trying to use phpmyadmin... and the file is about 4mb! so i'll try spliting it into smaller files!


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