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    Your new Gaming Site Design has arrived :)

    Now that i've got your attention, by shamefully borrowing a post subject from someone who posted an offer for dedicated servers, I'd like to sell this gaming template that was originally designed for a WHT member who bailed out. With the launch of our new design studio in the next couple of weeks, I have a few developed sites which haven't been bought that I'll be trying to get rid off at cheap prices. None of these sites have been deployed as of yet.

    On offer here is the following

    *Site PSD w/ layers and slices in place
    *Full HTML coded site w/ main and internal pages.
    *CSS File
    *Minor customizations including changing that logo, and removing banner advertisments etc.

    I will entertain offers for folks who want to buy the logo only. Pricing for that $20.

    The whole site I'd like to sell for a maximum of $150. Although I'll be willing to start the bidding around $90 with increments of $5.

    Just to confirm

    Logo - $20
    Full Site butout - $150
    if you want to bid start at $90.


    I'm not sure about the quality of the picture, most likely it has degraded. If it's unviewable, please PM me and I'll sort it out
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    bump (dont ask why!)
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    testing your new sig (under your handle) on my thread are you? awh..... I'll forgive you this time

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