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    Maybe they got the sniper?

    Arrest of someone in a white van in Richmond, Virginia. They towed away the van. Would be great if they got the guy!

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    I doubt its him. According to what I've read all day long the person in the van cooperated with police. It has been speculated that if the sniper is ever cornered or about to be captured that he would resist with all force necessary. Now, considering the van does match up with reports filed by witnesses and that it was parked at a payphone near a gas station there is a possibility its the person. Also, I know they pulled a male out of the van, but I find it presumptious that you assumed it was a guy. Granted, most snipers in the past fit the white male, 20-30 age, but there is always a possibility that it is a female. By the way, is anyone else curious about the deserted French marksman who has been missing since September? He came to America in August for a vacation and never reported back to his military camp in France. Both France and the US have said that they doubt he is the sniper, but they are still keeping the idea open.
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    Authorities have found no evidence connecting two men who were taken into custody today near Richmond, Virginia, to the sniper attacks, sources told CNN. Details soon Watch CNN or log on to /AOL Keyword: CNN for the latest news.

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    The van doesn't match the description IMHO: the desc was a white Chevy Astro-like van with no side windows (sans the front doors) and this was a Plymouth Voyager with windows along the whole length.
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    There is no definite description though. Its possible its a Chevy Astro, but you can't always count on witness descriptions.
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    I hope they do get him soon. I lived in DC and PG County for years and it's scary enough with the usual driveby shootings and drug wars.
    The whole thing sounds like a James Patterson mystery novel.
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