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    RackShack 10mbps Dedicated Server - Looking to share

    I originally posted this in the hosting requests forum, but as there are only web hosts looking, I failed to get any real replies - I feel this would be a better place as it is a dedicated server offer, and people looking for a dedicated server will look here.

    I'm looking for someone who would like to share a dedicated RackShack 10mbps (Compaq) server. All resources would be split, however I doubt I see myself using as high as 50%. The cost would also be split each way (At the time of writing, $199.50/month each). I am not a web hosting company, although anyone is welcome to share.

    We are consuming around 15-20GB/day on three dedicated servers, but now feel we would like to put images and small downloads on a separate dedicated 10mbps server (and discontinue using a 400gb/month server) due to the overages we are suffering on one server. It would also be nice to have 3.2 terrabytes to share every month. We see ourselves using around 20-25GB a day of the 86GB/day possible, leaving a potential 66-61GB free for the sharer of the server. We will not be hosting our site's php pages nor mySQL on this server - it will host images and small downloads only.

    The server in which we see using is the Compaq 10mbps server - I think this is their only 10mbps server at the moment, although I'm not sure when RackShack will be making more available as they've filled up their datacenter apparently.

    The sharer is also welcome to any available space & bandwidth or other resources on our other servers. The payer (to RackShack) of the server can be yourself or me, I do not mind.

    If you are interested, please e-mail me at (tank@*NO-SPAM-REMOVE-THIS* or ICQ via 51672160.

    I may consider sharing the server three ways, but I would heavily prefer to go half each way.

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    mp3 streaming or d/l allow. Legal ones and shoutcast etc etc

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    I'm not sure if that's meant to be a question or what, but I'll treat it as one.

    As far as I'm concerned you're welcome to do with your share what you wish. If you want to host a shoutcast streaming server, that's fine.

    I'm not here to rip anyone off, lay down the rules, etc - I'm just after a 10mbps server but am only looking to use half of what's available.

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    I have sent e-mails to both of you. Sorry if you got the quota message that Tbach is describing when trying to e-mail me - it was a minor problem that's now corrected.

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