Hi All!!

This is something totally out of my league but I was sure I could find some sound advise/referrals here from you!!! I always have in the past!!

I had a company contact me regarding password security features. Let me give you a little history and what they want and then you can give any recomendations on companies/software/scripts that you feel would suit their needs.

Currently the company ( I must keep the name private for the time being at their request ) has a web based service with a password protected area for their client. There are approxiamtely 3000+ clients with approximately 8000+ users/passwords. The password system is currently setup in-house and is programmed in ASP. At the moment, the system is not setup to prevent multiple logins using the same user/password combination.

Listed below are the features the company is looking for:

1- Not allow more than one user to log on at ANY TIME using the same username/password combination

2- Force the user to log out by prompting them via a pop-up window or other means upon attempting to exit the site without logging out first

3- Have an automatic time-out feature ( every 12 horus or so ) as a backup in case the user does not complete request in #2 above, to assure the user will not be blocked upon accessing in their next user session.

In addition... As I stated above. They already have a system setup, in-house, that sets up user/pass information upon establishing an account. Therefore, they would need something to either interact with that or a new solution that would suit their need that could repalce what they currently have.

I told you I am not knowledgabel in this.. But if you have ideas, questions or need more info I will be happy to get anything that you need.. Just PM me or email me at [email protected].

Not looking for anything free or branded.. Must work into the site without advertising from the developing/selling company.. Client is willing to pay for the product...

Again, please email or PM with any questions, ideas and/or comments.. My email is: [email protected]