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    Looking for a dedecated server

    I am looking for a dedeicated server.

    I have looked unitedcolo, rackshack, rackspace. I'm looking for a host which has great support and uptime. I don't mind to pay for great support. 24x7 support and responses (that answere my questions and problems) within 1 hour is great. I also need cpanel.

    Any suggestions??

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    It sounds like you want a managed server and first off Rackshack don't offer that service... their support team is there for urgent reboot requests, re-installs etc. Don't know about the rest as I've never tried them... - Database design, development and administration.

  3. #3 is generally the agreed leader in managed hosting. Excellent network and support. Not sure if they offer cPanel though.

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    Take a look at
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    I would suggest since you're looking for a managed solution. They don't provide CPanel licenses, but all you have to do is get a server from there and someone from this board should be able to provide you with CPanel.

    If you need any help just ICQ or PM me.

    Alan Ho
    Former Systems Administrator

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    What about RackShack's uptime?

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    Originally posted by m00ds
    Take a look at
    Couldn't agree more. Best customer service I've seen in a long time.

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    Originally posted by AlexAlexAlex
    What about RackShack's uptime?
    Rackshack's uptime has been very good. (I didn't do any monitoring, but it has not been down too many times).

    Many people fault rackshack for their support, but the network is good.


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