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  1. #1 new reseller plans for JOCK's and NERD's! will be launched very soon. We are an offshoot of an established web hosting company.

    We are nerds, we will host your site and we will be careful spending every last minute working on them so the jock's don't get us!!

    Our reseller plans are going to be different to most that you see. We will be offering support for YOUR customers directly through an anonymous domain site. 24 / 7. You simply need to sign up a customer keep billing them and we do the rest. These are aptly called "I am the jock" plans.

    We are also going to offer low cost un managed "I am a nerd too!" plan accounts. We will offer no support unless server is down, but the price will be low. So to use these you really need to be a nerd like us. Nerds you will be impressed our servers are in the California super facility! Cool Cool!!

    Everyone that wants to sign up early please contact us via private messages, email ([email protected]) or come to the front of the school bus to see us.

    "I am a Jock" plan
    US $50 per month
    Host 20 domains, we will even set them up if you require, providing you don't take our lunch money.
    Each domain will come with 50 megs disk space, and your total reseller account will have 15 gigs transfer limit.
    We use Cpanal / WHM
    We will support your domains 24 / 7 so you can get back to playing football!!
    Additional domains $2.50 per month.

    "I am a nerd too" plan
    You will receive WHM / Cpanel
    You will get 1 gig disk space
    You can have unlimited domains!
    20 gigs transfer
    US $25 per month
    Additional Space: 1 gig = $5 per month
    Additional Bandwidth: 5 gigs = $5 per month
    Only support of server issues provided on these plans.

    We also have a shared SSL certificate you can use to create an encrypted my-sql database powered through a php script! ,be nice!

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    im sorry, i was browsing through these forums and i just had to say, this is the worst idea i have ever seen.

    what are you, 12?

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