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    anyone want to hire a starving designer? :D


    A friend of mine referred me to this forum, so I guess I'll give it a try. My name is Gaile, and I own : . I do have one reference that's not available on my portfolio at the moment. I've been designing for a year and a half now, and hopefully going to major in Graphic Design in college.. maybe. I've worked with photoshop for more than 5 years, just for photomanips. is my first full flash site, and I've been learning the program for about 2 months now, off and on. I'm currently looking for any kind of work, design or flash design. Anything that'll keep me alive. Let me know if you're interested by e-mailing me at :

    [email protected]



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    very nice work Gaile, I'll keep you in mind.
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    Really like your site Gaile, only thing is its quite hard to read the news text because its a light colour background and white text.
    (hope u dont me mentioning this )

    Nice one,


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    hehe, not at all. Thank you.

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    Gaile - i'm surprized people don't come to you w/ all this advertising - i knew about your site for about a year now since i use to be a member at perfectburn + halovision is one of my favs - anyways...........................i doubt you will have a problem getting clients.

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    Hi there. I really like your site, it's nice and unique, what more can you say?

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    Dlevit - really? haha That's cool. Blah.. I've been having such a hard time getting clients. It's probably because I mention "contract" ? I don't know. Thanks Zuby

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    hmm do you also make mention of commitment and all the other serious *female* stuff.... that could put many of us male clients off

    (Heck if it could put me of any potential girlfriend, sure as hell would also put me off a design)

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    LOL hahaa, female commitments!? what does that have to do with the work, lol

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