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    Is there any forum script that doesnt require mySQL?

    Someone told me UBB doesnt require mySQL. But UBB is not FREE.

    Are there any other forum scripts that dont require mySQL?

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    Be warned though they can be quite heavy on resources.
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    Extremely so.
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    Most hosts nowadays not allow cgi board alraedy.... it will take too much resources
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    Why do you want a forum that does not require mySQL?
    Most of the best forums do, so maybe you should check on hosts that have it.
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    i have sucessfully runed phpBB without mysql and its free it can be downloaded at

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    I hear something about IBF development without MySQL. But this is for far future...
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    Why would you want a forum that does not use sql?

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    As said above

    There are several, but they are not designed to grow with you and will ultimately lead to trouble because of their resource usage. Most hosts do not allow them.

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    Have a look at WebBBS if you are looking for a Threaded discussion board, though it does have other display options too.

    I run 13 of these forums on a server, but we only get about 1.5 million hits a month. Server load on a dedicated machine is normally 0.15 0.20 0.10

    There are other clients on this machine as well and it runs fine. I had just one of the 13 forums on a Hostrocket account, and was shutdown for server abuse, so be careful if you are going to put it on a shared machine.... as has been stated, some hosts do not allow cgi based forums, or they do not tolerate them well.

    Have a look at WebBBS here:

    I have been running these scripts since 1998 or so, and they are stable.

    BTW... I also run several PHP forums, so it is not that I dislike them. This particular group I host is "stuck" on the WebBBS layout.
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    Diskus has a nice free board that is easy to configure and doesnt require mySQL it can be set up without it.

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    Snitz Forum

    A Free ASP based forum that seems to works well. I have used it for awhile. It uses an Access database, so I do not know how much traffic it can take before it stumbles.

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    Your host may not like a file-based forum as they seem to be resource intensive, so I'd take that into consideration when choosing a forum. But there are several ASP forums out there that run on MS Access or MS SQL, including Snitz.

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    I run a rather busy board using InfoPop UBB.Classic with CGI script. We need to upgrade to a mySQL UBB soon, but Im just not ambitious enough now. My host is not terribly happy, but as long as I am paying, they will service me.

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