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    Blue Swirl Hosting... Great design when you enter their page but then... then you go deeper.

    After pressing the link to see their Shared Hosting plans, you get a new browser window with something that looks considerably less professional... but then you go deeper.

    Apparently, they only accept payments by Pay Pal. Weird, but then I went deeper.

    It seems that if I press the "Buy Now" button, I'll instantly discover that the person who will take my money had a Yahoo e-mail address. But wait, I haven't even looked at their prices or their offers, so I press the "back" button and go deeper.

    Wow! GREAT plans! You get considerable amounts of bw and space for as little as $25 a year... the funny thing is... they only take yearly payments. Well, what happens if I go deeper?

    Easy. I do a WHOIS and find that this guy had payed for his Domain Name for just one year. Could it be that by the time the DN expires, he'll disappear into the ether?

    I guess there's one question in my mind right now: Is this a scam or the future of Hosting?

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    Thumbs down LOLOL.

    I just got done listening to a long bit with George Carlin, so forgive me but I am in a bashing mood.

    It makes you wonder when you see these names like Blue Swirl Hosting...WHAT THE F*CK are they thinking...names like ExtremeUltraOmegaHosting or Host20000 or others. I don't know, I would like to think that a truly professional host with some staying power should care just as much about their name as they do about the coherence or design of their website.

    Sorry to be a little off topic. I also have never head of this company, but they and other upstarts like them could be legit companies. It's just that some of these names, to me, portray a little less than corporate image.


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