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    4,028 has class!

    Hey everyone.

    Well, I wasn't sure where to actually post this, but seeing as this is where a lot of the reseller junkies hang out, I thought it'd be best.

    I want to start out by saying that I do not work for nor am I affiliated with the company other than being a client of theres!

    Here's why I've posted. On Friday night, our hosting company took the next step and we moved our services to a new dedicated server...

    From Friday until tonight (late Sunday) offered us outstanding support. From answering a couple questions to tarring up file after file for us, they were helping us with whatever we needed!

    So I know my story is short, but it really meant a lot for our company to see a company with such class. I think all the other budding hosting companies out there would like the same treatment, so this is why I recommend them!

    *tips hat to*

    Jeff Piper

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    Agreed. Using IM services I always get the answers I need in 5 minutes, even at 2 am

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    So true.

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    Happy to know another good host.
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    Yea, they are really quick with their reply's to customers. Insanely quick.

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    Re: Weblinenet

    Originally posted by mrjones109
    Yea, they are really quick with their reply's to customers. Insanely quick.
    Can't complain about that

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