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Thread: PHP Triad ??

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    PHP Triad ??


    where can i download PHP Triad ?? there used to be a site with forum support also, but now i don't see that ??

    I formmated my harddisk recently and now i want a fresh install of the same.
    Someone pls help me with the link to download "phptriad" !


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    They discontinued that project eons ago.

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    yeah, i felt the same, the project has been discontinued...
    Once before, i had downloaded phptriad from the link given above, but the download didn't work, couldn't figure out why ??

    I am downloading again now, hope it works fine !

    Are there any other free alternatives to phptriad, which has the same functionality ??


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    Try here They have a suite like phpTriad and also have sections on that site that briefly go over features of each app in the package.
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