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    How to form a good Terms of Service

    I was wondering how my fellow hosting companies formed their TOS? The keys have to be there like: no adult material, no spamming, no hacking, your account will be suspended if... Did you yours done by an online company with expertise in this area or a local lawyer. Having a vauge TOS can come back and bite you as we have seen with some other companies with spamming problems. Just like your input on the matter.
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    Your best bet is to look at several other web hosting companies' terms of services and get a REAL good idea on what should be in them. Making up a TOS from scratch would be long and painful. First, I would list what you want to be in your TOS, then I would go around to other web hosting sites and see what they have under their TOS about the different items you listed.

    Just my 2 cents.
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    A couple of ways

    You can look around and see what other have in their terms of service.

    You can also go to the Better Business Bureau on line. They have an example (guideline) of things that should be included in a term of service.

    But each host has to specify a tos around their specific needs, wants and allowances.

    Eg. You might choose to allow adult sites others might not, you might allow irc hosting, others might not. Some have a really firm policy on spam. Plus other allow mp3 and other things, others don't.

    So read a few tos (terms of services) see what your business will allow/disallow and go from there, in addition use the bbb (better business bureau guideline.)

    Or if you want to do it the easy way, do a search. There was a thread where a few hosts actually gave permission to use their terms of service. (Modified for the individual need of course.)

    Good luck. Hope this helped.

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    It should also be pointed out that your terms of service should cover the same points as a minimum as your hosting provider. You are hosted with them, thus anything that is done on your servers, whether by you or your customers is subject to their policies.
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