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Thread: IRC Support?

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    IRC Support?

    Just curious how many hosts offer support on some form of a IRC channel? Do you maintain this channel on your own server, or another network? Is your server linked to a network or standalone?


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    IRC is just a bad idea unless you have a very large customer base. It is just another hassle to deal with, especially if you maintain the channel on your own server. Stick with the different IM clients (such as AIM, ICQ, MSN, etc), IMHO.
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    I believe sticking with the IM communication is the best route. Smidwap is right; dealing with IRC can get too much to handle especially if people spam your channals with crazy sayings to shut your channal down.
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    i guess what would be really good is a gateway from all the popular im clients + irc + live chat into one server, so i wouldnt have to switch between thingzors all the time =]

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    Those of you who do offer IRC support. Are you running your own servers? If so what ircd software are you running?


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    I use Unreal + epona for mine, I don't use it for support though.

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    We run a standalone IRC server on one of the FreeBSD boxes in the office - it uses UnrealIRCD + Epona services.

    Somebody will usually be on there a lot of the time, but it's not an official support medium even though questions can be asked.

    Shaun Ewing

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