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    Lightbulb how can i get a usa bank account from uk

    can anyone tell me how i cam do this please and if possible recommend companys

    1. also i would help if i could get a visa card or mastercard

    2. also not important but i would like to get an merchant account to is this possble once i get a usa account or is it not possible

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    I would think you have to have U.S. citizenship to get a U.S. back account.
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    Before 9/11 you can get an US bank account quite easily just with your passport and driver license but after that it seems to be harder due to their Patriot Act. However I see many websites offering an US bank account for $100 with $100 initial deposit.
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    anyone one else got any information to help me out please

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    Why would you want a US bank account anyway??

    Try to give us more information - I suspect you're overlooking some issues.

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    I didn't even look at C2it before posting it here. Sorry about that.
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    You are obviously getting a referral from this site considering your email is in the url

    Plus it states on their website "c2it membership is limited to U.S. residents only" not only is this spamming for a referral it's a bad referral at that.


    Originally posted by TheTech
    I recommend
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    Ah, under it is an affilate link, that's no problem if they are really good. I would appreciate if you can provide some more details.
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    You don't need a US bank acocunt to deal with dollars and draw in 's - I know of a UK org that deals with merchant accounts you could probably go with -

    Check out

    or for a slightly more expensive service there's

    Depends on whether you're serious enough about business to pay for a merchant account, though.

    If so, both allow transactions in foreign currencies to be drawn in your national one.

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