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    Someone offered hosting wholesale

    Someone offered me hosting wholesale. I checked up on them and they are a reliable company whith a good record.

    Here is what they offered me:
    -5000 MB of Web space
    -40 GB of Bandwidth
    -100 MySql Databases (Extra Databases $.25 each)

    They also gave unlimited email features and sub domains. I can create my own plans and and split the resources. Ex 50 plans with 100 MB or 1000 plans with 50 Mb. Same thing with the other features.

    I can also have resellers that can resell my plans and it also comes with an affiliate program. They will charge me $35 a month with no setup fees. Please post your reply and tell me what you think.
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    If the provider is indeed respectable, that sounds like a good deal.

    Make sure you know how much overage charges are (for bandwidth, and space), and the options you have for upgrading.

    100 MySQL databases seems rather arbitrary, make sure you can upgrade that if necessary(for little or no cost).

    If it's WHM/CPanel, make sure you do have access to the built in package feature for defining plans.
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    Like slade said, it sounds reasonable *if*.

    I think we could give you more informed advice if you posted the company that gave you the offer.
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    who is this company you are talking about...

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