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    Arrow Server Manufacturers

    Hi WHT,

    Our company is ready to go the colo route and we're researching server manufacturers. If you guys can be so nice to post any manufacturers that have worked well for you, that would be great.

    Like everyone else we're very quality/price conscience.

    Thanks gang!

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    Hi abmad,

    I use Dell rackmount servers almost exclusively. They are pretty good as far as price ... and the hardware is great.

    Good luck.

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    Thanks for the reply Godsmoke. We actually have dell at the top of our list. However, I believe in shopping around exhaustively.

    Thanks again!

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    Could we have a website link for your company?


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    We have been extremely impressed with the servers (and SERVICE) we've received from
    John Masterson
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    We have Intel 2150G servers, nice to work with well made. Not bad for the price ethier. Have you considered building your own servers. That way you can get the best of everything.
    Adam Heavens
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