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    Can you say Game Servers!?!?

    Private Game Servers:

    Public Game Servers:
    Slots | Price
    20 $75.90
    18 $70.90
    16 $65.90
    14 $60.90
    12 $55.90
    10 $50.90
    8 $45.90

    All servers come standard with Admin Mod, HLGuard, StatsME, and free subdomain web hosting.

    Network Information - Exton, Pennsylvania
    All Servers in Pennsylvania are connected to a 100Mbit Ethernet to a Multi-gig fiber ring that delivers your traffic out to one of our two national backbone providers, UUNet, Level3, and Genuity, which we have dual gig connections to each. This topology provides the ability to scale our bandwidth well beyond the limits of a traditional OC-12.

    If you are interested, or have any questions, please visit us on IRC.GamesNET.NET | #Envision7 or by email @ [email protected].
    Ross Sherman

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    Yeah I'll be on to check you out later - do you have any medal of honor and counter-strike test servers that I can try?
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    Yes, we do.

    Yes, we do.

    Our ISP is in the process of changing routes as well as general upgrades, once these are complete, I will post via this forum a few test IPs.

    Sorry for the wait.
    Ross Sherman

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